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Rolex Replica Watches Tourbillon(!) od Label Black

The personalization of replica watches takes many forms, but the project just shown by the French company Label Noir deserves attention for one reason. This is the first Rolex with a tourbillon incorporated into the brand's in-house caliber.

Bespoke in the watch world is not a new topic, although still of a rather modest scope. It is not even appropriate to compare it to the world of fashion and tailoring, because the scales are as different as the sales of watches in our country in relation to the European average. Only a few professional watch "modifiers" have their position in the industry, led by the English brand Bamford, the official tuner of brands from the LVMH group. Most, however, remain unauthorized and addressed to the recipient who is ready to bear the consequences of such customization. There is no shortage of volunteers, and watch tuners are getting bolder. Label Noir - a tuner for Rolex, Panerai, Richard Mille and Audemars Piguet watches, founded in 2011 - has just produced the first ever Rolex with a rotating balance cage, or tourbillon. As far as I know, this is the first model with a crown in the logo and with this Great Complication - although of course it should be borne in mind that it was not made by the manufacture itself. It was created on a special order of an anonymous customer, in a series of 3 copies, with the option of producing more for individual orders.

The watch is based on a serial model from the Milgauss Ref.116400 collection, powered by the automatic caliber 3131. 51 components were removed from the serial movement, 2 were modified and 94 were added. The balance clock frequency dropped from 4 to 3 Hz. The minute tourbillon is visible in a window on a gray, typical Milgauss dial with simple hands, indices with a luminous and "broken" second hand.

The dimensions of the 40 mm case, which - together with the bracelet - were covered with black ADLC (Anamorphous Diamond-Like Carbon) have not changed. Label Noir does not officially give the price of the watch, but we know from a reliable source that it oscillates around CHF 125,000 (~ PLN 475,000). Another thing is that the question of the sense of such a modification remains reasonable, especially in the watch of a brand that is famous for the production of thoroughbred toolwatches, for which such a delicate complication fits like a fist to an eye. Certainly, there is nothing to count on the blessing of fake Rolex , which, as a rule, does not recognize any modifications to its timepieces.


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